Plug-in your headphones, and play.

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Auris is the perfect way of managing your different music apps all at once! No more searching needed. Once you’ve setup your favorite music apps, you only need to connect a headphone or wireless headphone and Auris will immediately let you choose which music app you want to open. There are many options to configure: Colors, text, or even a different style animation! Because music needs to be personal, Auris will be too.

Compatible with iOS 8 and 9.

Available for only $1.99.

Version 1.3.2 (8-7-16)
– iOS 9.3.3 compatibility update

Version 1.3.1 (4-18-16)
– Performance improvements

Version 1.3 (3-2-16)
– Adds a bluetooth device whitelist

Version 1.2-2 (1-8-16)
– Updated for compatibility with latest WizLib

Version 1.2 (12-1-15)
– Added an option to change the animation speed

Version 1.1-1 (10-28-15)
– Users can now bypass the passcode screen by entering their passcode in settings
– Changes showing the app package names to the app display names (“Mobileslideshow” would now be “Photos” for instance)
– Auris can now be closed by pressing the home button
– Added an enable and disable toggle for bluetooth and headphones

Version 1.0-1 (10-20-15)
– Let’s you pick four different apps to configure
– Choose from three different animation styles
– Change the background color
– Change the text color
– Change the actual text
– Blacklist apps