Replace Spotlight with an app.

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You can have two separate apps for both the “left” and “top” spotlight as shown in the video, or you can show the same app for both. The apps can be configured, and you can even hide the apps icons which are being used as spotlight apps.

Compatible with iOS 9.

Available for only $1.99.

Version 1.1.6 (8-7-16)
– iOS 9.3.3 compatibility update and bug fixes

Version 1.1.5 (4-24-16)
– Minor performance improvements

Version 1.1-4 (1-8-16)
– Updated for compatibility with latest WizLib

Version 1.1-3 (12-5-15)
– Performance improvements

Version 1.1-2 (12-1-15)
– Bug fixes

Version 1.1 (11-24-15)
– Replaced the black configuration screen with a snapshot of where the app left off for a more seamless transition to the spotlight app
– Added an option to enable or disable the spotlight app for either the left or top spotlight, so you can keep the original spotlight for one of those areas.

Version 1.0 (11-18-15)
– Users can replace the “left” and “top” spotlight with any two apps
– Users have an option to show the same app for both spotlights
– Users have an option to hide the app icons being used as spotlight apps