Master Volume Controller & Designer.

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Compatible with iOS 8 and 9.

Fully customize your device’s volume.

Available for only $1.99.

Version 2.0.4 (8-7-16)
– iOS 9.3.3 compatibility update

Version 2.0.3 (4-18-16)
– Performance improvements

Version 2.0-2 (1-8-16)
– Updated for compatibility with latest WizLib

Version 2.0-1 (11-1-15)
– Added an option to either whitelist OR blacklist apps
– Added a fade in/out animation, with an option to set how fast it occurs
– Made the banner for the slider smaller
– Added a transparency setting for the banner
– Fixed the bug where even after disabling the tweak, volume locking would still work.

Version 1.1-1 (10-27-15)
– 100% fixes automatic app volume locking and loading. All the bugs have been worked out. It should now work on all devices, and iOS8-9, with no problems.

Version 1.0-1 (10-21-15)
– Fixed the application volume locking not working on iOS 9 problem
– Fixed the bug where music or video would start playing automatically when you increase the volume from zero, even if you weren’t previously listening or watching it.
– Fixed the volume circles style, so that they look like actual circles, instead of more of an oval type shape
– Added the functionality where the app volume retrieval kicks in immediately when you enter an app, instead of you having to first change the volume. In other words, if you’re playing music at level 1 in app 1, and you switch to app 2, the music will automatically start playing at level 2 without the user having to do anything.

Version 1.0 (10-11-15)
– Every individual app on your phone will have their unique device and headphone volume saved automatically, giving you and easy way to control the volume of all of your apps. Your device will remember where you left off for each app.
– Change the volume display style to a variety of different choices, including a slider, circles, and arrows (and yes, the arrows do go left or right depending on if you’re decreasing or increasing the volume)
– Conveniently move the volume to the top of the phone, with a banner style display
– Set a unique color that displays when changing the device volume
– Set a unique color that displays when changing the headphone volume
– Set the volume change rate. Make it increase/decrease faster or slower than normal.
– Change the volume display duration. Make it display for a shorter or longer period of time.
– Adjust the size of the volume display
– Enable or disable the actual banner background
– Set a unique color for the banner background
– Master Volume Override: Change device and headphone volume system wide to the specified values (and yes, this will overwrite all of the locked app volume values)
– Auto Pause/Play Media: Pause your music or video when the volume reaches zero, and resume again when you increase it.
– Volume Locking Blacklist: By default, every app will have their unique device and headphone volume saved, as was previously described. If, for whatever reason, you don’t want this enabled for certain apps, you can blacklist them.